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9th May 2021

A poster about our cultural heritage for Europe day 2021

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Videos made by international students of the Erasmus + project STEP +, in order to promote
their cultural héritage.


Cheese in the Jura

Wines from the Jura

Yellow wine in the Jura

Woodcrafts in the Jura

Saltworks in Salins les Bains (Jura)




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Our International Erasmus Christmas Dinner

Video Conference - 18th December 2020

On December 18, 2020, the second video conference of the Erasmus+ KA2 project S.T.E.P.+ was held. The participants were teachers and students from partner schools. The topic was cultural heritage - gastronomy and customs related to Christmas.

As cultural heritage is one of the key topics in this project, and as gastronomy is its integral part, students from partner schools presented to each other Christmas customs, dishes and decorations. Working hard in national teams in the conditions made difficult by the pandemic, students created presentations dealing with the following topics: aperitif and starters (France), the main course (Italy), dessert (Poland) and traditional Christmas decorations (Croatia).

Students from each country presented four suggestions for their topic, and after that all participants voted for the best suggestion in each category, using a Google form prepared by Croatian students. Suggestions chosen by the majority of students were used to create The Golden Menu for our international Erasmus Christmas dinner. Suggestions with fewer votes were included in the Silver, Bronze and Colourful Menus, which can be found on the Twinspace of the project.

The video conference attracted some former students who participated in the project last year, but who have already graduated from school. It is good to know that they still feel they belong to their Erasmus family.

Presentation of the official project tie of the Erasmus+ KA2 project S.T.E.P.+

Video Conference - 16th October 2020

Despite lockdown and challenges we have been faced with due to the pandemic, students and teachers participating in the project continue their hard work on project activities, which had to be adapted and carried out in virtual environment.

On October 16, 2020, a Skype video conference with teachers and students from partner schools was held. The topic was Our cultural heritage. There were two main reasons for this conference - first of all, it was held to present the official project tie two days before The National Necktie Day in Croatia (marked on October 18), therefore promoting Croatian cultural heritage and as a one of several events organized during Erasmus+ Days (October 15-17, 2020).

Students from all partner schools presented the cultural heritage of their cities.

Students from Italy introduced Bergamo as a UNESCO World Heritage site. They presented the pictures of wonderful old buildings on the upper part of the town, and also presented 9 types of cheese typical of their province.

Students from France presented their city Champagnole through famous wine - Côtes du Jura, and two types of cheese - Mont d'Or and Comté.

Students from Poland presented their city, Jelcz-Laskowice, with a wonderful palace (which is being used as a city hall) and the magnificent park surrounding it.

Students from Croatia presented their city, Slavonski Brod, as the "city of the tie" and the city which cherishes its tradition - love for the special musical instrument called tambura, traditional hand-made towels and various forms of embroidery.

The pictures showing cultural heritage presented by all partners was included in the official project tie.

Mirta Kos Kolobarić, Ana Radočaj and Marija Deanković

S.T.E.P.+ - Erasmus+ KA2 project

Secondary School of Economics, Croatia, started building its European dimension in 2013, when it got involved in EU projects for the first time.

This year, before the coronavirus spoiled our plans, we had planned to present what our students learned during the first mobility within our Erasmus+ project - S.T.E.P.+.

We wanted to share our European experience gained during the first mobility in France in January 2020, through cooperation with project partners from France, Italy and Poland.

So far, only one mobility has been implemented - in France. In this interactive Thinglink poster we would like to show what our students learned and what they created during preparation for the mobility and during regular English classes. By clicking on tags, you can see the results. The aim of all these activities was to develop European spirit and dimension, at the same time appreciating our own cultural heritage.

  1. Students developed teamwork skills by working in international teams.
  2. They learned some useful French words and phrases and used them in combination with English - so, they ended up speaking Frenglish.
  3. They learned (and so can you, by participating in a quiz by clicking on one of the tags on the right) which objects are used by French people but not elsewhere in Europe.
  4. They took part in the photo competition #ourEurope.
  5. During English classes, students who are not participating in the project created brochures to present various EU countries - we enclose those presenting France, Italy and Poland.

A visit to St. Catherine's Fair

On November 22, 2019, Laura Sudarand Anja Živković, students from Secondary School of Economics in SlavonskiBrod visited traditional St.Catherine's fair. It is organized every year in SlavonskiBrod, Croatia, and all producers of traditional products have a chance to exhibit their products. The students were accompanied by their teacher, Mirta Kos Kolobarić.

The visit was part of project activities within Erasmus+ project S.T.E.P.+, relating to cultural heritage. The students visited several stands with exhibits presenting the cultural heritage of our region, Slavonia. They talked to people who create these beautiful objects. Ms DaliborkaPaun, an expert on gold embroidery, briefly explained how such motives are created. Mr Milan Ivanković, a leather craftsman, talked about the technique of making special leather objects and articles of clothingand told us that generations ofhis family have continued this tradition. Ms Jasminka Dujmović showed some wonderful pieces of her art - bottle painting. She uses traditional Slavonian motives to decorate bottles for storing food and alcohol. Mr Ivan Serdar, the last potter in our town, demonstrated how he makes wonderful objects on pottery wheel, in a traditional way.

The material the students recorded will be used in a video about SlavonskiBrod and our school, which will be presented during mobility in France in January 2020.

Mirta Kos Kolobarić

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