1st meeting of partners



26th January - 1st February

Lycée Paul Emile Victor - Champagnole

Monday, January 27th 2020

The first day hosts gave us a warm welcome in their school canteen where they organised a typical French breakfast. The headmaster of the school gave us a welcome speech before breakfast. After that, interesting activities followed. Firstly, some ice-breaking activities were organised to meet everyone and get to know other students while playing team-building games and having fun. It was very interesting. After lunch, the guest schools presented their towns and schools (see Partners section) and and we answered questions in a Kahoot.

At the end of the day we had a welcoming party called Become a French. We disguised in French costumes, sang and danced, and learned some French words. We also learned about some typically French things. We really had fun and a chance to meet other students well. (student: Leonarda Šebalj)

Tuesday, January 28th 2020

The second day of mobility in France we spent with many activities and lots of content. In the morning, a group of older French students had presentations about the environmental impact of ski resorts. Then we visited a ski resort Foncine, where we had a "treasure hunt in the snow". We were also shown how snow cannons work and what is their impact on the environment. After the deserved break, we had some fun - snow tubing on the lowest part of the ski slope. From the ski resort, we went to see the magnificent Hedgehog waterfalls and we had a chance to buy some souvenires in the local souvenir shop where all the products are hand-made. As the day was coming to the end, it was time to go back to Champagnole. When we arrived, we had the evening free to spend with the host family. (by Monika Pešorda)

Action Bound -  Foncine (FR)

Wednesday, January 29th 2020

Today, when we came to school we went to the auditorium where the French teachers explained to us what are we going to do next. From 9:30 to 12:00 we had a workshop where we had to make a plan for our own eco-friendly ski resort and we had to make a 3D diorama to present it. We could use lots of materials and recycle them in that way. Our ski resorts had to be sustainable, accessible and contain various things relating to the houses we saw a day earlier during our trip. We also had to prepare to present our resorts to other students, to make a logo of our resort and a commercial to advertise it. It was very interesting and kept us really busy. We worked hard in our teams. After the workshop, we had lunch and a free afternoon to spend with other students and families. (by Josip Ćorluka)

Thursday, January 30th 2020

We started the day off quite early. At 7:50 a.m. the whole Erasmus team gathered in the school hall and then we headed to Les Rousses. We arrived at the ski in La Serra where the teachers split us into two groups. The first group went on to a presentation while my group stayed on the snow. The teacher announced a snowman competition. Our group split into our colour teams and we joyfully started collecting the snow. Once we were done and the other group came back, we switched and it was our turn to listen to the presentation. One of the instructors volunteered to show us all the equipment adapted to people with special needs and how they work. Some of the students were able to try it out and the whole presentation was very educational and it helped us understand more about sport lives of disabled people and athletes. Afterwards we had lunch prepared by our host. Before our visit to the Fort des Rousses we had an unplanned snow fight and then it was time to taste the cheese. We watched a short video about how cheese is made and how it ages. Then we tried different types of chees that aged for different amounts of time. We then headed back to Champagnole to a welcome address by the Mayor of the city. After some cake, drinks and a lot of pictures, our day was over and we were free to go back to our host families and get some well-deserved rest. (by Marija Pavić)

Friday, January 31st 2020

We started our morning in the School library. We were finishing our ideal ski resort dioramas, presentations and commercials. By making the commercials for our resorts we had an opportunity to develop our video-making and editing skills. Also, every team made a logo that represented their ski resort. After lunch in the school canteen, we presented our ideas and solutions for ideal ski resort. When we heard all of the ideas, we closed the project by voting for The Best Team of the week and the best advertisement and a logo. Finally, we decided to take our last group photo. It was our last day in France so we had to say goodbye to all of friends we made there. We got sad and emotional because we didn't want that week to end. We finished at 4pm, so we had free time to spend with our hosts. (by Karla Paušić)

Take a look to the commercials made by all the teams !

Ideal Ski resorts dioramas made by students

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