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Students' productions before the meeting in Bergamo

Students present one successful company in their home town or local environment, possibly related to sustainable tourism activities.

A Visit to the Association of People With Intellectual Disabilities "Regoč"

Visit - 25th November 2019

On Monday, 25 November 2019, teachers Mihaela Maričević and Ana Radočaj visited the Association of People With Intellectual Disabilities "Regoč".

Every year the Association opens its doors to the public and their partners, friends and family come for a visit. This year it seemed like a perfect opportunity for us, since the Association is one of our partners in the "S.T.E.P.+ - Sustainable Tourism Erasmus+ Project" whose main topic is sustainable tourism, but includes sub-topics such as entrepreneurship in tourism, accessibility of tourist destinations and products to people with disabilities, as well as cultural heritage as a sustainable tourist product.

"Regoč" Association has been actively engaged in improving quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families for 35 years; it promotes their rights and serves their needs, helps in everyday activities, encourages their working activities, as well as their employment.

Mirjana Jakovčev, the Association's president, showed us around the estate in a nearby village Bukovlje, where the Association has a sports playground, a wooden house with a small kitchen and a sink, sanitary facility and an outdoor barbecue grill. There is also a spiral herb garden where their members grow various herbs. The Association also has a small drier and a distillery, so that members can make their own tea, and soon plan to start making essential oils. Behind the playground there is also place for greenhouses, where they plan to grow fruit and vegetables. The house has a spacious living room with a kitchen and a small resting area, sanitary facility and a cellar. On the 1st floor there are rooms equipped with sanitary facilities, a laundry room, wardrobe and a terrace, and there is also a large terrace on the ground floor.

The Association has a shop located on the same estate where they sell products made by its members. On the 1st floor, just above the shop, there is a loom and a glass fusion furnace that members of the Association use for making glass decorations, jewellery and other craftwork.

In May 2020, our project partners from France, Italy and Spain will visit our school. Together with "Regoč" we hope to show them how quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities can be improved by combining entrepreneurship and cultural heritage.

Ana Radočaj

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