Activities between meetings


Final product of the project

The final result of the project is a lesson plan about cultural heritage as a tourist product.It has English and Croatian version and can be used freely by teachers and students all over the world.The lesson plan contains activities carried out in person during mobilities and between mobilities, on eTwinning platform. The activities can be used in the classroom individually as well, as a warm-up, discussion starters, etc., or asproject assignments as well.

Preparations for mobility in Italy 

Although still on Easter holidays, students and teachers who will participate in the final mobility in the Erasmus+ project S.T.E.P.+ in Bergamo, Italy, visited a local Arteco Pavletić Association, whose activities have become world famous. The visit was aimed at gathering material for a presentation about (social) entrepreneurship and sustainability in tourism, which Croatian team of students will deliver in Bergamo in May 2022.

Students Laura Sudar and Sara Buketa, accompanied by teachers Željka Poleksić and Mirta Kos Kolobarić, visited a special park in Malino, a nearby village, on April 21, 2022. The park was built and is run by Arteco Pavletić Association, managed by Mr Pavletić.

As the topics of the following mobility are entrepreneurship and sustainability in tourism, this was the perfect destination for gathering material to be presented. Our students and teachers talked to Mr. Pavletić about his work and characteristics which make him a god entrepreneur. As a very relaxed and interesting collocutor, Mr. Pavletić explained to our students how he had developed an idea to start the association and the park in which he exhibits his own sculptures, made of vine branches and olive tree, which makes them unique in the world. He explained that they had built into this park a part of their own family history, their own property, talent, sustainability, a European dimension and entrepreneurship. His brothers help him in all activities.

Mr. Pavletić described a difficult path he had to go through in order to apply for European funds and receive funding. When we arrived, there were volunteers from all over Europe who were helping build extensions in the park. They are also participants in various EU projects.

We would like to thank Mr. Pavletić for finding time for us and answering our numerous questions. We will have so many things to present to our project partners in Bergamo.

Project coordinator:

Mirta Kos Kolobarić 

December 2021

The French students analysed the accessibility of a beautiful site near their city of Champagnole, "The Billaude waterfalls".

How you say in French?

Discover a few words of common French vocabulary 

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June 2021

A day trip in Lyon : The French students visited Lyon as an example of sustainable tourism and preservation of the cultural heritage.


Students who are participating in the project have celebrated the 2020 European Day of Languages in a very interesting way. During virtual activities they have created a multilingual dictionary with basic phrases in the four languages of the project - French, Italian, Polish and Croatian.

Preparing France Mobility

7th November 2019

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