Champagnole is situated in the Jura (Franche-Comté), 90 km from Geneva and Switzerland and 75 km from Besançon, the county capital city. The town of Champagnole, located at an altitude of 540 metres, is ideally located in the heart of the Jura department: between the vineyards, the lake region and the first "steps" of the mountain range. This very central position favours its economic, commercial and tourist development, at the gateway to the Haut Jura Regional Natural Park.

Imagine a green landscape - very green - dotted with pastures and forests. Add the blue of the rivers, especially that of the upper Ain river, which rises a few kilometres from Champagnole and holds the city back for two meanders... Add another mountain: Mont-Rivel, the city's favourite silhouette... Widen the field, and imagine the magnificent forests, the land of lakes and waterfalls, the "remote" Jura mountains and the gentle land of vineyards to the west...

Lycée Paul Emile Victor 

Lycée Paul Emile Victor is a general, technical and vocational school, mainly focussing on industrial technology and services. The school is situated in a rural area, far from big cities.

Our students can be lead to find jobs in foreign countries, especially in Europe or Switzerland which are not in a distance. Our school has always been open to international exchanges with many european and international projects. Our students must be ready to communicate in foreign languages and learning foreign languages will enable them to discover other countries and learn their culture so as to be open-minded and capable of adapting themselves to the European labour market and to learn about the European citizenship.

Lycée Paul Emile Victor has been involved in eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects since 2008. Our school received the eTwinning School Label. Indeed, numerous projects have been awarded European quality labels and one eTwinning project got a National prize in 2010. We have been involved in two Comenius projects, one of which we coordinated and participated in two Erasmus + KA2 project. We are also experienced in the creation and animation of websites. We are very experienced in collaborative work, and the team of teachers will be keen on giving it a multidisciplinary approach, combining teachers from the general and technical studies and the vocational school.

Contacts :

Lycée Paul Emile Victor

625 avenue de Gottmadingen

BP 80116, 39303 CHAMPAGNOLE


+33 384531000




Stéphane Arru

Project team:

Françoise Moutenet, English teacher and coordinator

Marjolaine Vialet, French Literature teacher and coordinator

Béatrice Blache, Librarian

Anne Anthonioz, English teacher

Anne Lise Comparet, English teacher

Marine Pierre, English teacher

Sandrine Berton, vocational subjects, English teacher

Valérie Roussel, Social carrer teacher

Franck Gras, Social carreer teacher

Hubert Faigner, Engineering teacher

Laurent Nélaton, Physical Education teacher

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