Activities between meetings


Students and teachers from Secondary School of Economics, Croatia, produced a short video to promote eco-tourism in the city, at the time of the global pandemic.

Promotional video- 15th July 2020

Works on sustainable tourism: Bergamo's contribution

Workshop - November 2019

Secondary School of Tourism and Economics, Italy, has already been involved in EU projects about sustainable tourism in the past years. In both the experiences, our students showed great interest in the topic. Last year, before the coronavirus changed our plans, they worked hard to prepare materials for mobility in France, during regular Erasmus optional workshops, apart from school hours. In particular, they carried out researches about tourism assets of our Province with a focus on the territory of Colli di Bergamo park, rich in fascinating trails and routes developing in woodlands and small valleys, evidence of the rich history of the local territory, nature and culture.

Students went to the site in question and analysed the way the presence of many tourists on the chosen site might have a negative impact on the environment and how to avoid it. In a second time students tried to give a precise and concrete solution to improve or minimise the impact of tourism on the environment. Here there are examples of presentations, elaborated by different teams, in our native language.

Italian promotional video about best sustainable tourism destinations in our provinces

Promotional videos - November 2019

Since experts argue that there could be behavioural changes in tourism in times of COVID, with new opportunities for sustainable and proximity tourism, our students tried to promote our territory to attract the new tourist flow.

They shot short promotional videos about our best sustainable tourism destinations, such as San Pellegrino and the Brembana valley, Bergamo Hill Park or Parco dei Colli, the Lower Bergamo Plain and the Viscontea castles.

Dissemination of France mobility results: a newspaper article written by Italian students

Workshop - February 2020

After the experience of the mobility in France, to disseminate the results of the experience to the rest of the class, Italian students elaborated an article for the school newspaper, summarising what happened during those days, their feelings and what they learned. Down here you can find the italian version.

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